Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hive – connecting from SQL Developer

In my impression, the big development that takes place now in the world of Big Data is the creation of connectors. Such connectors enable us to continue using standard tools (R for example) with the data being stored in Hadoop. I am very much impressed with Hive. Hive allows us to access data being stored in Hadoop while we use a standard SQL tool.
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R – the shortest name possible

For some reason, short names are popular as computer languages. Think of “C”. Another example is “R”.
R reminds me a bit of Matlab; it is an easy to learn language with immense statistical possibilities. It is compared to nowadays giants like SAS.
The advantage of R is that it is widely accepted by the academic community. This community contributes to R by adding new components to it. As R is open source, such additions can then be integrated into the R programme.

To test R, I tested how much time it took me to install R, set up a connection to Oracle and retrieve data from it.
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